Choice of equipment is critical to success when you have to carry everything you need while racing.  While we were researching and testing kit, small personal blogs were the most helpful to us so we're putting our list here to pay it forward to future racers

Mandatory kit per person


Med. kit (at least 12 mild pain relief pills)

  • Non-anti-inflammatory pain killers: Paracetamol (Acetaminophen)

  • Nausea meds (optional): Cinnarizine

  • Hay fever meds (optional): Loratadine

Blister kit



  • 10 x safety pins for bibs

  • Alcohol gel (60ml min.)

  • 1 roll of toilet paper


Hydration system (2.5L min)

Food (14,000 calories minimum)

  • Breakfasts: Expedition foods 2 x Porridge Oats w/ Strawberries (805kcal), 3 x Porridge Oats w/ blueberries (805kcal), Scrambled Egg w/ onion & cheese (805kcal)

  • Lunches: ~3 bars per day

  • Dinners: Expedition foods 2 x Vegetarian Pasta (1,000kcal), 2 x Chicken Tikka w/Rice (1,011kcal), Spaghetti Bolognese (1010kcal), Chicken, Parm, Basil Risotto (1,002kcal)

  • Desserts: Summit to eat Chocolate mousse (400kcal), Custard Apple Crumble (424kcal), Lyofood Apple Crumble (346kcal)

Optional kit

Drop-bag 1 (Mandatory, available in emergencies only)

Drop-bag 2 (Mandatory, available at camp each night)