RacingThePlanet: Georgia


Race format

This year's RacingThePlanet race will be held in the southwestern corner of Georgia, within the Javakheti region, where Eastern Europe meets Western Asia

The race format is simple: 250km over 7 days

 - Days 1-4: ~40km /~25 miles per day

 - Day 5: ~80km /~50 miles

 - Day 6: Rest at camp

 - Day 7: ~10km / ~5 miles


You must carry your 7-days' food, sleeping gear, and other equipment.  Water is provided at check-points and at camp

There are check points every ~10km, with cut-off times that need to be met in order to continue

Course summary

  • Distance: 250 km (155 miles)

  • Terrain: Primarily on tracks and trails with terrain including grasslands, fields, rocky ground, gravel tracks, riverbeds, open plains and forest trails

  • Elevation: Majority of the course is at an elevation of 1,000 to 2,000 meters (3,300 to 6,600 feet), with 3 peaks at ~2,500 meters (10,000 feet)

  • Total ascent: 5,642 meters (18,511 feet) 

  • Total descent: 6,109 meters (20,042 feet)

A RacingThePlanet Checkpoint.jpg